12th Assembly 2009

At the 12th Assembly

Friendships forged up the coast

David McAndrew was one of a group of Assembly guests who toured Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He writes:


Conversations: 18th July 2009

Sharing the passion

Stella Moosoon Kim is originally from Korea and is at the Assembly representing the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT as a coopted member. This is her first Assembly meeting.

We can show the way forward

Ame Pocklington is a Youthful Delegate and voting member from Melbourne Glen Waverley Church.



A sense of humour helps

The 12th Assembly would not happen without its dedicated team of volunteers.


Freda Whitlam: a ‘great woman of the church’

Most Australians would hear the name of “Whitlam” and immediately think of ex-Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. However, a new biography reveals the significant contribution Freda Whitlam, the sister of Gough, has made to the life of the Untiing Church and the wider community. 


Andrew Dutney elected Uniting Church’s next President

The 12th triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church has elected the Rev. Dr Andrew Dutney as its next President.



Jesus Christ has been appearing before members of the Uniting Church’s 12th Assembly, just prior to the start of many of its sessions. On each occasion orange cards are raised to indicate almost unanimous affirmation for him.

Conversations: 19th July 2009

The Spirit’s there and truth is told - Thoughts on Sunday services.


What's on today: Monday 20th July


Key events at the Assembly today include continued discussion on Congress and Constitutional changes, the launch of Chris Walker's much anticipated book Peace like a diamond: Facets of Peace, proposals from the Uniting Church agency, UnitingWorld and Assembly Task Group Reports. 


Members find meaning in local worship

“It is good to be in the house of the Lord!”

So said Patricia Corowa, from Redfern, as she stepped up to read the gospel in South Sydney Uniting Church on July 19. Members of the 12th Assembly found it good to be in many houses of the Lord as they visited Sydney Uniting Church congregations for Sunday worship.


Conversations: 20th July 2009

We continue to chat with delegates attending the 12th Assembly. Here are some thoughts from today...