12th Assembly 2009

Preamble to the Constitution

A blessing to the nation

At the end of an emotional few days of discussions and decisions that will have wide-reaching consequences for the Uniting Church’s covenanting relationship with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, Assembly members were helped to understand the blessing their decisions had given to Congress, to the church and to Australia.


Church adopts historic new Constitution preamble

The Uniting Church in Australia now sees itself in an entirely new light. And it will project itself to the world in a fresh way.

For the first time in Australia, and possibly in the world, a major Christian denomination in a Western nation defines itself in terms of its relationship with the people dispossessed by colonisation.


Many words, one God

The challenges of the way our stories — and the language we use to tell them — translate across cultures was evident as Assembly began to grapple with the proposal to change the preamble of the Uniting Church’s Constitution.


Preamble debate under way

“I want to tell you this, brothers and sisters: it’s time to stand up and acknowledge who we are. I know this will be hard, but it is important for our future.”

The Rev. Shayne Blackman launched the case for the controversial new preamble to the Constitution of the Uniting Church in Australia on Friday evening.


New Preamble to acknowledge First Peoples

One of the most significant documents to be discussed during the Uniting Church’s 12th Assembly, meeting in Sydney July 15-21, is the proposed new Preamble to the Constitution. All members of the Uniting Church will take an interest in the changes to this foundation document.