12th Assembly 2009

Agencies answer questions

One of the challenges for Assembly is how to ensure members have a chance to respond to the reports from the various national agencies of the Uniting Church without taking up the whole of the meeting. At the 12th Assembly, a combination of new technology and old-fashioned talking were used to address this.

Some 17 reports from agencies and working groups were received by the Assembly on July 16. They were the only opportunity those groups had to report the wide range of work they had been involved with over the three years since the previous meeting.

To give members an opportunity to consider more fully the work undertaken on their behalf, the reports were then considered by community working groups. Questions from the groups were then compiled by the facilitation group.

When duplications were removed, a list of 100 questions remained. Most, although not all, reports generated questions to be answered by the national directors or chairs of working groups.

During a plenary session on Friday morning, Assembly agency and working group representatives managed to respond verbally to 34 of the most complex of the questions.

These answers, along with answers to remaining questions, are available here on the 12th Assembly website.