12th Assembly 2009

UnitingWorld Q&A

1. Could this report be circulated far more broadly to synods, presbyteries and congregations?

 Yes.  We will work out how to do that.  

2. Could a resource be created which, in a simpler form, will enable members of Assembly to pass this important challenge on to their home presbyteries/congregations?

Yes, we are developing that resource. Contact UnitingWorld direct: 02 8267 4267.

3. Can you find practical causes for congregations to support and grow a relationship from there?

Yes, we have practical causes we seek to publicise on our website, by email, and in our other publications. Contact us direct to learn more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Is there a monthly prayer point that congregations could pray for?

Yes, there is a regular email to resource prayers in congregations.

5. Do you have an outlet for knitted children’s jumpers (400+)?

No, our partners generally do not envisage this kind of activity. We encourage people to go to Frontier Services who have such outlets.

Questions answered by Rev. Kerry Enright, National Director UnitingWorld.