12th Assembly 2009

Historical Reference Committee Q&A

1. Can a DVD of Past Presidents be made widely available?
The DVD of the Past Presidents' session of the Hidden Histories Conference is available from William Emilsen at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
2. Are there guidelines for Congregations/Agencies on what they need to provide and how to maintain records?
There are Preservation and Disposal Schedules for Congregations, Presbyteries, Synods and Assembly Agencies. These were last made available via the Synod Secretaries in 2007. They will also be posted on the Assembly website as soon as possible.

3. What is the policy and mandate re centralised electronic records?

Currently the mandate is not prescriptive about the means or media by which records must be kept and each Synod is responsible for its own records. The Committee, however, has just developed an electronic archiving policy that will be offered to the Synods via the Synod Secretaries. 

4. What resources are needed to fulfill the mandate?

The Archivist is currently employed 18 hours a week which enables much of the work to be fulfilled. Committee members spend considerable time involved in writing/editing and publishing articles of historic significance and many are instrumental in organising events/speakers that celebrate the Church’s heritage. 

Answers provided by Christine Gordon, Assembly Archivist.