12th Assembly 2009

Uniting Church gears up for 12th Triennial Assembly

The 12th Triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia begins today, 15 July 2009, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.


The Triennial Assembly is a meeting of 265 voting members of the Uniting Church, elected from across Australia. This group forms the decision-making body of the Assembly and meets for just six days every three years. 

The discussion at the Assembly will revolve around social and policy issues relating to the Church. The outcome is a series of decisions that affect the corporate life of the church, and its advocacy, over the coming three years.

Points of interest at the 12th Assembly

The new President, Rev. Alistair Macrae, will be installed at a special worship service at 7.30pm, Wednesday 15 July. Rev. Macrae is the youngest President the Uniting Church has had.

  • The retiring President, Rev. Gregor Henderson, will articulate his thoughts about the future of the Uniting Church in an address on 16 July.
  • A position statement on Christian-Jewish relations is being brought to the Assembly for adoption by the whole church.
  • A revised Preamble to the church’s Constitution has been drafted to acknowledge the First Peoples of Australia. The new Preamble will be brought to the Assembly for consideration and adoption.
  • UnitingJustice Australia has drafted a proposal for consideration entitled An Economy of Life: Re-imagining human progress for a flourishing world. The statement addresses the crises humankind and the planet are now facing, and imagines a different story for God’s creation, an ‘economy of life’ marked by regard for the common good, where all people have access to what is necessary for their flourishing and where people contribute to the continued flourishing of the planet.
  • Our 35 international guests include the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe; General Secretary of the Tuvalu Congregational Church; Moderator of the Church of South India; representatives from the Evangelical Christian Churches in Papua and Timor; and the Moderator of the Protestant Church in East Timor. The guests are being hosted by the church’s relief and development agency, UnitingWorld.

Available for comment

  • UCA President: Rev. Alistair Macrae
    UCA Retiring President: Rev. Gregor Henderson
    UCA General Secretary: Rev. Terence Corkin
    UnitingJustice Australia National Director: Rev. Elenie Poulos
    UnitingWorld National Director: Rev. Kerry Enright
    Some international guests.

Media Contact: Penelope Monger: 0417 416 674