12th Assembly 2009

Agency Reports Q&A

Following the consideration of the Agency Reports on Thursday 16 July questions were raised by Community Working Groups.

The questions were then divided into those types that were deemed appropriate for a plenary session of the Assembly, in that they raised significant questions or issues of an oversight and governance nature. Questions that were submitted that sought information, made suggestions, invited commentary on matters that were outside the Mandate of the Agency, or addressed matters of a relatively minor nature will be placed on the 12th Assembly website (as will those answered in Plenary). Responding in this way did not imply that the questions were unimportant but that they were not necessarily a priority within a plenary session.

There were approximately 100 questions submitted through the process. It was proposed to answer 34 in a plenary session of the Assembly.

Christian Education

Coolamon College

Defence Force Chaplaincy

Frontier Services

Historical Reference Committee

Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry

Reception of Ministers

Theology and Discipleship

Uniting Faith and Discipleship

UnitingCare Australia

UnitingJustice Australia