12th Assembly 2009

June Prayer Points

Prayer points in June include Assembly and Synod staff, volunteers, our partner churches, Community Working Groups, the Cato Lecturer, President-elect, and for the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Conference.

June Week 1

  • For the staff within the administration areas of the Assembly and the Synod of NSW / ACT as they send the second mailing to the printers and prepare for the mailing.
  • For the recruitment of the final volunteers to lead daily communion and to assist as chaplains and other important roles at the Assembly.

  • For the Church of Christ in Thailand as it witnesses to the reconciling power of the gospel in that divided land. 

June Week 2

  • That the allocation of rooms and membership of the Community Working Groups will be a blessing and meet the needs of the Assembly members.

  • For the Cato Lecturer, Dr Daniel Smith-Christopher as he makes final preparations to come to Australia and that his teaching ministry before and during the Assembly will be a special blessing.

  • For the members of our partner churches who need to receive visas.

June Week 3


  • The President-elect, Rev Alistair Macrae, that he may find the time to be prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally for his new role.

  • The final phase of recruitment of volunteers and their health and wellbeing up to and during the Assembly meeting.

  • Our Partner Church in Samoa, the Christian Congregational Church in Samoa.

June Week 4

  • That people will be able to get all their loose ends tied together before the Assembly so that they can come free from other concerns and participate together in discerning the will of God for the UCA. 

  • For the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress members as they elect a new National Chairperson at their National Conference in Perth and consider proposals that they want to bring to the 12th Assembly.

  • Our other partner church the Nauru Congregational Church that struggles with such a paucity of resources in that exploited country.