12th Assembly 2009

About the theme

The theme for the 12th Assembly is Living Water Thirsty Land.

Suggested by the President-elect the theme commends itself for a number of reasons:

Living water is a metaphor used by Jesus (John 4) to describe the gift he offers – nourishment from God which is never exhausted. Water is also used in scripture as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and of justice.

Thirsty land is a clear reference to the context in which the Church participates in God’s mission – this dry, ancient land. The current ecological crisis and the spiritual dryness of consumerist materialism add notes of urgency to Christ’s call to mission.

It is a theme which can be reflected on from various cultural perspectives, not least the Indigenous one. It is hoped that this gathering of God’s people can further focus the Uniting Church in its mission to point to Jesus Christ as the source of living water and to take seriously the context in which God has placed us.

Engage with the theme

Do you have a keen eye and a passion for photography?

As part of the Assembly meeting in 2009, we invite you to explore the theme – Living Water Thirsty Land – through photographic images.

You are invited to submit digital photographs that you, your friends or your congregation have taken, for use before, during and after the Assembly meeting.

How do you interpret the theme, Living Water Thirsty Land?
How do you see this theme being played out in the world around you?

The photographs will represent the breadth of the biblical use of the metaphor of water, as:

  • a symbol of the Holy Spirit
  • the living water which Christ gives
  • the waters of baptism
  • the rivers of justice
  • refreshment beside still waters

The images will also reflect different types of thirst and dryness being experienced in Australia:

  • spiritual
  • emotional
  • physical
  • environmental

Images will be chosen from the entries we receive from across the Uniting Church in Australia. They will be collated and used during the Assembly meeting and also put up as an online photo gallery on the Assembly 2009 website.

Please email your images to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Images should be unedited and in their original size. If they are too large to email, you may use a site called yousendit.com that allows free upload of large files (up to 2 gig). Multiple entries should be zipped before sending.

Please include details of the photographer and permission to use the images for the 12th Assembly.

Friday 10 April 2009