12th Assembly 2009


Prayer points in May include members of the Assembly, community working groups, our partner churches, the Assembly Administrator and the General Secretary, Assembly Legal Reference Committee, and for the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Conference.


May Week 1

  • For members of the 12th Assembly as they receive the first mailing, that they will be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they read the papers.

    For the allocation of members to the community working groups, that they will be a time of fellowship and encouragement at the Assembly.

    For the churches in Fiji and in particular our partner church, the Methodist Church in Fiji, that the Lord will give its members courage, strength and a word of life in the face of the military regime.


May Week 2


  • For Robert Key, the Assembly Administrator, as he increasingly has the pressure of timetables and expectations to meet.

    For the members of the Assembly Legal Reference Committee, as they continue to review proposals and possible new regulations so that they may add clarity to help the work of the church.

    For our partner churches in various parts of Indonesia, that they may minister with wisdom and grace in a country with complex social and religious dynamics.

May Week 3

  • For the General Secretary and his PA, Jenny, as they meet the final rush of material on the way to providing the second mailing materials to the printer.

    The printers, caterers, computer technicians and other outside parties that will be called upon to support the work of the Assembly, that they will be encouraged in their ministry of service.

    Our partner church in Tonga, the Methodist Church in Tonga, and its President, Rev Dr Mone, who has not been in the best of health lately.

May Week 4

  • For the host churches that will be inviting Assembly members to join them on the Sunday, that it may be a time of encouragement to experience worship with brothers and sisters in Christ across the Church. 
    For the preparations being made by the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress as they prepare for their National Conference in Perth in early July and consider proposals that they want to bring to the 12th Assembly.
  • Our other partner church, the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu, where many pressing social needs confront the island nation every day.