12th Assembly 2009


Prayer points in April include those involved in organisation and worship leadership roles, our partner churches, the President, accommodation needs, Assembly Members and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.


 April Week 1

  • For the staff of the Synod Office within the Synod of NSW/ACT as they prepare for the mailing in coming weeks.
  • For the accommodation needs of members, overseas guests and visitors that are needing to be reworked due to a large number of rooms becoming unavailable through one of the residential Colleges changing its arrangements.
  • For the President, Gregor Henderson, as he prepares to put down his responsibilities as President that he will remain strong for these last few months and that his next steps in ministry will be clear. 

April Week 2

  • That this Easter week all who are preparing for and planning to participate in the 12th Assembly will have an experience of the risen Christ to inspire and encourage them.

  • That members of the Assembly will be conscious of the sacrifice of Christ and will offer themselves in service to the church at the 12th Assembly through accepting responsibility for various tasks, in preparing themselves well and in the care and words they offer to others at the meeting.

  • For our partner church in the Land of Papua that it may lead the Melanesian Christians with wisdom and grace in that complex social and religious atmosphere.

April Week 3

  • For the worship group and the people it approaches as it recruits people to participate in the preparation and leading of the music teams and other important worship components of the 12th Assembly.

    The printers and other outside parties that will be called upon to support the work of the Assembly, that they will be encouraged in their ministry of service.

    Give thanks for our partner church, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, that sent a gift of US$5,000 in aid for the bushfire victims in Victoria. 

April Week 4

  • For the team that is bringing together the Visitors' Program that all the relevant parts will come together.
    For the members of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress that their preparations will go well and that they will be well supported in their participation at the Assembly.

    Our other partner church in Nuie where a partnership agreement is soon to be signed as a refreshed expression of our commitment to each other.