12th Assembly 2009


Prayer points in March include those involved in organisation and leadership roles, our partner churches, the President-elect, Synods, Presbyteries, Assembly Standing Committee, the Cato lecturer, and for worship during the Assembly.


March Week 1

  • For persons being asked to serve on the Facilitation Group, the Business Committee, Community Working Group leaders and various other members who will have leadership roles.
  • Our partner church, the United Church of Zambia, and the work being undertaken by long term mission co-worker Fiona Dixon-Thompson in Mwandi. Fiona and others who go for varying periods of time to assist her with a range of nutritional and education programs for orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • For the President-elect, Rev Alistair Macrae as he increasingly focuses on his role at the meeting of the 12th Assembly and beyond.


March Week 2

  • For Professor Daniel Smith-Christopher who will be presenting the Cato lecture on Saturday evening 19 July in a public lecture, that his final plans and preparations to come will flow smoothly.

  • For the Church of South India (CSI) as it meets the particular challenge of its Diocese in Sri Lanka. Pray for Bishop Daniel and the Ministers and members of the Diocese of Jaffna as they seek to minister in a war-torn land and amongst many people who will feel that they have lost in this war.

  • For Synods and Presbyteries as they consider any final proposals that they will bring to the 12th Assembly – that they may be led in the way of Jesus, the head of the church.


March Week 3

  • For the Assembly Standing Committee as it meets (20-22 March) and finalises its life as a community of service. Pray for the members who will not be part of this Committee in the future and for the final decisions and actions that will need to be made in preparation for the 12th Assembly.
  • The Assembly and Synod communications staff as they make their plans for communicating the news and decisions arising from the 12th Assembly.

  • For the Church of North India (CNI) as it wrestles with the major challenges that it will face in these times of financial collapse as it ministers among the poorest of the poor who never had the benefits of the boom but now will suffer worse than most.


March Week 4


    • The Assembly Secretariat and administration team as they prepare the first mailing of Assembly papers to reach the printer by 1 April.

    • For the teams preparing the opening worship for the installation of the President and the Congress service on the first full day of the Assembly. That the worship will be honouring to God and enabling for the work of the Assembly.

    • Our other partner church in India – the Presbyterian Church of India which is very strong in the North East tribal areas of India. Some of the States in this part of India are 60-80% Christian but torn by separatist tensions and violence.