12th Assembly 2009


Prayer points in February include members, overseas partners, the 12th Assembly website, staff, councils, committees, agencies and nominees for President-elect.



February Week 1

  • For members receiving their first mailing of registration and information about the 12th Assembly – that they will be encouraged and supported in their preparations for attending.

  • Overseas ecumenical and partner churches who will receive their invitations to attend the Assembly this week – that they may be strengthened in their ministry and be able to attend.

  • Prayers for specific communities will be offered over the course of the prayer preparation for the Assembly but this week we remember the Presbyterian Church in Korea (PCK), and the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) who celebrate this year the 120th anniversary of the arrival of the first Presbyterian missionaries in Korea. Give thanks for the fruit of that ministry and the ongoing ministry, preaching and social action of these churches.

  • Establishment of the 12th Assembly website – that it may be an encouragement and support to the church on the way to the 12th Assembly.


February Week 2

  • - Agency staff and Committee members who are preparing their reports for the 12th Assembly – that they will be able to find the time and energy for this important task and tell of the ministry of the Assembly in open and encouraging ways.
  • - Our other partner church in Korea, the Korean Methodist Church – that our conversations about greater cooperation between our churches will be productive.
  • - Councils and bodies that are still appointing members to the 12th Assembly – that they will be led by the Holy Spirit appointments: Synods appointing youthful members; Multicultural Ministry; additional members; and Congress additional members.


February Week 3

  • - The people who will be approached to be leaders of the community working groups (Assembly small groups) – that the right people will be led to accept this opportunity for leadership.
  • - The local arrangement teams that are getting to work in earnest as they bring together the many loose ends. Especially Mr Robert Key, the Administrator for the 12th Assembly.
  • - The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe as its members struggle with the oppressive context in which they live.


February Week 4

  • - Agencies, Councils and members of the Assembly preparing proposals for the Assembly –  that they will be discerning at this early stage as to where God is wanting to lead the church.
  • - For persons who have been approached or may b, considering nomination for President-elect – that Jesus, the head of the church, will guide people along the right path.
  • - Our partner church in Thailand – Church of Christ in Thailand.