12th Assembly 2009

Mission Prayer Handbook 2009

What does the National Assembly do? If that question has ever come to mind, grab a copy of the hot-off-the-press Mission Prayer Handbook, an Assembly resource published to coincide with the triennial Assembly.


The Mission Prayer Handbook aims to connect the national council with other councils and church members in a meaningful way. With contributions from Assembly staff and agencies, it has been shaped by the theme of the 12th Assembly, Living Water Thirsty Land.
“There are many prayer resources available for church members, but the Mission Prayer Handbook is uniquely Uniting Church in Australia, uniquely National Assembly, and uniquely associated with the Assembly theme,” says Penelope Monger, Assembly Senior Communications Officer and editor of the handbook.

The year of the triennial Assembly is an exciting time for the national council and for the life of the church. It provides an opportunity for members of congregations and other councils to learn about, understand, reflect on and engage with the work of the Assembly and its agencies.

"The Mission Prayer Handbook therefore invites people to engage with the Assembly theme because each entry relates to the theme in some way,” says Penelope.

Entries include reflections on what it means to be a multicultural church; Indigenous and international perspectives; what it means to thirst and hunger; how we may be rejuvenated and nourished; and reflections on what it means to live in the city and the country.

It also illustrates, through prayers and reflections, the work of Assembly agencies like UnitingCare, Frontier Services and UnitingJustice.

Mission Prayer Handbook Cover“For example, the entries contributed by Uniting International Mission relate to events or issues connected to our partner churches, so anyone reading it gets a sense of what’s going on in other parts of the world and how UIM is helping. All entries have a prayer and almost all have reflection points to enable further discussion and engagement, whether they’re read individually, in a small group, or as a congregation,” says Penelope. 

A beautifully collated resource, complemented by gorgeous images, this edition of the Mission Prayer Handbook boasts 52 entries — a year of prayer.

“It can be used from week one through to the end of the year but it can also be picked up at any point,” says Penelope. “It lends itself to both personal reflection and group discussion so while there are guidelines for how to use the book, there is also considerable flexibility.”

The Living Water Thirsty Land theme was conceptualised by the President-elect. It refers to both environmental challenges and the way they impact our lives and the quenching of thirst as a metaphor for Jesus nourishing our spiritual lives.

Copies of the Mission Prayer Handbook may be ordered through Mediacom at $7.00 a copy or $6.30 for bulk (over five). Copies are also available from the National Assembly offices

Click on the image below to see a sample entry from the Mission Prayer Handbook.

View an entry from the Mission Prayer Handbook.