Published on Sunday, 30 November 2008 12:52

A range of church excursions have been organised to provide delegates with the opportunity to learn about the breadth of ministry being carried out in the Sydney area. The timetable is now available below.

Download the Excursions Brochure


Thursday 16 July: Northern Beaches (Full Day)

Depart: UNSW 9.00am Return: UNSW 4.00-5.00pm
Cost: $40 (Includes transport, morning tea & lunch)

Travel over the Harbour Bridge, along Wakehurst Parkway, past Sydney Academy of Sports.  Have morning tea at Avalon Uniting Church and see In the Beginning, a ceramic art work before taking a walk along Palm Beach. Visit Pittwater Uniting Church and meet host ,Rev Alan Robinson, have lunch, view their complex and hear about what happens at PUC. Then travel on to Manly. Walk the promenade to Fairy Bough and Shelly Beach and walk through the Corso to Manly Harbourside. You can either catch a ferry to Circular Quay and then a bus back to UNSW, or travel by bus across the Spit Bridge, over the Harbour Bridge and back to UNSW. 

Friday 17 July: Magnolia Healing Centre/Chapel-by-the-Sea (Morning)

Depart: UNSW 9.00am Return: UNSW by 1.30pm
Cost: $30 (Includes transport & morning tea)

Meet Rev Fran Wootton when we visit the Magnolia Healing Centre Rose Bay which is a space for women who are searching for healing and wholeness, for domestic violence support, counselling, meditation, self-defence, beauty treatment, art, therapy and tapestry. The Centre approaches individuals in need of therapeutic help in a holistic way, to ensure the best in each person is brought to the surface in a nurturing, supportive & unique environment. The centre provides a safe & caring place where women can experience the spirit of community.

Then visit Chapel-by-the-Sea at Bondi Beach, hear about Ruby’s Café and its mission outreach program and  meet our host, Rev John Queripel. At the heart of Jesus’ ministry is his commitment to what he called the ‘Kingdom of God’, the vision of a society where right relations would be present between peoples. To that end Chapel-by-the-Sea works toward justice, peace, harmony and reconciliation with particular concern for the poor and marginalised both in community and the world. If time permits you may like to stroll along Bondi Beach.

Saturday 18 July: The Real Cabramatta (Full Day)

Depart: UNSW 9.00am Return: UNSW 4.00-5.00pm
Cost: $40 (Includes transport, morning tea & lunch)

Experience the real Cabramatta by participating in Cabramatta Uniting Church Multi Centre Asia Day Tour. Meet Rev Bui Chi Ai, who will tell of the work of the Cabramatta UC. Enjoy a Vietnamese Spring Roll or Pho and other Asian foods at morning tea and lunch, and shopping at Cabramatta mall.

Monday 20 July: Exodus Foundation/Wayside Chapel (Full Day)

Depart: UNSW 9.00am Return: UNSW 4.00-5.00pm
Cost: $40 (Includes transport, morning tea & lunch)

Visit the Exodus Foundation and meet founder, Rev Bill Crews. The Exodus Foundation exists to meet the immediate material, emotional ad spiritual needs of disadvantaged and marginalised people. It seeks to empower young Australians through education and literacy and so protect them against the prospect of future unemployment and homelessness. Its ministry is primarily to those who are outsiders: the poor and the dispossessed, and those who feel a church would not ordinarily welcome them. This ministry is rooted in a worshipping congregation that maintains the life of worship, pastoral care and sacraments.

We arrive by 12:30pm at Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, and meet Rev Graham Long. The Wayside Chapel has provided unconditional love and support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross since 1964. Many of these people have endured lives of great hardship and struggle with alcohol and other drug addictions, mental health issues and homelessness. Some people are fortunate to have supportive families, friends and neighbours, good physical and mental health, and  inner strength even in the face of great adversity. For those that don’t, there’s the Wayside Chapel.

When we arrive at Wayside we roll up our sleeves, for we are going to barbeque and serve a meal to folk of the community: the homeless people, ice addicts and working girls.