12th Assembly 2009

Thanks for jobs well done

At the closing of the Uniting Church’s 12th Assembly, meeting at the University of New South Wales July 15-21, thanks was offered to those who prepared and worked behind the scenes to ensure the meeting would be a success.


On behalf of Assembly members, Kay Dowling, General Secretary of the Synod and Presbytery of Western Australia, first thanked Robert Key, the 12th Assembly Administrator, who calmly and efficiently made sure all the logistics of the meeting ran smoothly and humbly attended to people’s many and various needs.

Gratitude was expressed to the staff and volunteers who prepared for many months and brought people together from around Australia and around the world.

There was thanks for those who warmly welcomed, oriented and prepared the venue as a place for community, worship and communion.

Also thanked were group leaders and facilitators “who helped shape our thoughts and responses enabling us to keep moving forward with proposals and decisions” and the administration staff and volunteers.

Ms Dowling thanked the media and communication staff from Assembly and synod offices, those responsible for technology and the scrutineers, volunteers and staff who provided resources and books, and those who served the Fairtrade coffee.

“Most especially,” she said, “a big thank you to the host Synod of New South Wales and the ACT and the business committee who have driven this event.

“For your 2008 synod you chose the theme ‘we gather’ in all that means and you have given this to us and enabled us to come together and share the experience of the 12th Assembly.”

Finally she thanked Assembly General Secretary Terence Corkin and President Alistair Macrae “for leading and guiding us with love, humour, wisdom and grace”.

Assembly members stood to show its appreciation and gratitude with an ovation.