12th Assembly 2009

Maintaining a diverse Assembly

A proposal to simplify the formula by which the membership of Assembly decided has generated a surprising amount of discussion since it was introduced on day one. The debate turned into a discussion of the very nature of Assembly.


The questions raised were about ensuring the meeting reflected the church’s commitment to diversity.

Rev. Bev Fabb, a member of the task group on the membership of Assembly, said they had brought the proposal simply to “maintain the status quo in terms of representation from each of the synods,” while aiming to give maximum flexibility.

Following on from a decision earlier in the week to increase the number of Congress-appointed members from six to 16, Assembly agreed to a slightly amended version of the proposal.

It requested the Assembly Standing Committee to review the number of people involved in the meeting as well as the way extra people were co-opted.

A suggestion that the representation of each Synod be reduced by around ten per cent to allow for the increase in Congress membership was strongly endorsed by members but it was agreed that the ASC should work out the details.