12th Assembly 2009

Timetable for Proposal Submissions

Proposals for consideration at the 12th Assembly can be submitted up to and during the meeting of the Assembly. Proposals can be submitted to the Triennial Assembly by the Assembly Standing Committee, Assembly Agencies, Synods, Presbyteries and two members of the Assembly. Full details of each proposal will be available on this site in line with the following timetable.

Timetable for submitting proposals to the 12th Assembly

2 March 2009

In order to make the first mailing of Assembly papers, proposals should reach the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 2 March 2009.

22-22 March 2009
Assembly Standing Committee meeting where proposals from the Standing Committee and Task Groups are finalised. 

29 May 2009
The last date for the second mailing, which includes the opportunity to propose amendments to Agency proposals, is 29 May.

17 July 2009
Final proposals are to be received by 6.00pm Friday 17 July and ideally only for matters that could not have been reasonably anticipated before that time.

The preparation of proposals is an involved process and requires the consideration of the Assembly Business Committee and often the Assembly Legal Reference Committee. It is not uncommon for the General Secretary to have to negotiate changes to the original form of the words in which proposals are submitted.

Therefore, while proposals can be submitted as late as 6.00pm Friday 17 July, it is clearly in everyone's best interests for proposals to be received as early as possible. It is also important that proposals be in the hands of Assembly members at the earliest opportunity.