12th Assembly 2009

Call to change 11th Assembly minutes

Two members of the Uniting Church’s 12th Assembly on July 21 moved that the Assembly resolve:

(a) to amend the minutes of the 11th Assembly to include the decision to record the names of members who dissented from Minute 06.41; and

(b) to include the list of names of those who registered dissent as an appendix to the Minutes of the 11th Assembly.

The proposal related to the debate and decision on sexuality and leadership which generated profound hurt among many participants three years before.

Proponents expressed their strong wish to have the minutes changed to include a list of dissenters to the majority decision.

The General Secretary responded that there was no requirement or precedent for this, and that the recording procedures at the time had been appropriate.

He affirmed that the original copy of the minutes did indeed contain the list of names of dissenters.

The original proposal was not supported by the Assembly.

And alternative proposal was suggested: that the Assembly acknowledge that a list of the names of members who dissented had been attached as an appendix to the minutes.

That was passed by agreement.