12th Assembly 2009

Peace Like a Diamond: a ‘gift’ to church

The Rev. Dr Dean Drayton referred to Peace Like a Diamond: Facets of Peace as an, “Amazing compendium of information and practical stuff,” when launching the book at the 12th Assembly on July 20.

He commended its author, the Rev. Dr Christopher Walker, National Consultant of Theology and Discipleship, for drawing on story, the Bible, his own experience and a range of other sources to explore various facets of peace.

The book, which explores peace with God, peace with oneself, peace with others in relationship, peace in society and peace with the environment, likens peace to a precious diamond that has different facets of equal import.

Dr Drayton made the point that the book concerns itself not just with theological considerations of peace but with such personal and daily realities as dealing with anger, boundaries and forgiveness.

He described Peace Like a Diamond: Facets of Peace as a gift to the Uniting Church.

The Uniting Church Assembly has declared peacemaking one of its key directions and Peace Like a Diamond lives out the intention of the church to provide resources that will assist members to engage in peacemaking.

Dr Walker said he wrote the book to highlight the different dimensions of peace and to show their interrelatedness.

“I was conscious from my biblical knowledge that the Hebrew word for peace, ‘shalom’, had a broader encompassing sense so I decided to write about the five dimensions of peace I identified as primary,” he said.

He also aimed to produce a text that could be read and explored by individuals or read in groups with each chapter providing a foundation for discussion and reflection. 

Dr Walker said he was pleased to have the book launched at the 12th Assembly and that it was, “Great to have a past President launch it.”

Peace Like a Diamond: Facets of Peace was one of those rare Christian books that would be appropriate to give to one who had not yet, “Discovered the living water,” said Dr Drayton.

Peace Like a Diamond: Facets of Peace is on sale during Assembly for $25 and will be available via the Assembly website.