12th Assembly 2009

Conversations: 19th July 2009

The Spirit’s there and truth is told - Thoughts on Sunday services.

How did the service at Wayside Chapel affect you?

waysidevoxjamesellis_mjlYouthful delegate James Ellis, from Armidale, Synod of New South Wales and the ACT.
“I’ve always felt a real calling to community ministry and ministry with those who are less advantaged than mainstream society.

“I grew up in a disadvantaged area and being here brought me back to my own childhood.

“I felt the Spirit in here.

“It is not much like a church here at Wayside when it comes to what the institution of the church looks like but this is how the church should be.

“It is a community of faith that loves one another and upholds one another in prayer.”

waysidevoxlorrainestokes_mjlLorraine Stokes (WA Synod)
“It was absolutely fantastic and an eye opener.

“The relevance to the community as it is and accepting the community as it is.

“Not expecting them to conform to someone else’s idea of living.”



waysidevoxderekmillman_mjlDerek Millman (SA Synod – visitor)
“The real way in which they engaged with the street people in Sydney was overwhelming in some ways.

“They are part of God’s community and it is nice to be sharing with them; even the guy who snored all the way through the service.”



waysidevoxkenwilliams_mjlKen Williams (WA Synod)
“It was really authentic and quite special for me because I spent worship time at the Wayside many times over past years.

“The welcome that is available for anyone is wonderful. It is safe to be there as you are, whoever you are, and the truth is told.”





Commitment to community

Bruce Johnson, Queensland Moderator, chose to attend Maroubra Junction because it was his practice when visiting a place to attend the local church.

“It was a small congregation and it had the intimacy and interaction you get in a small congregation.

“The things I appreciated were the congregation’s commitment to connecting with the university students. I was really keen to learn about how they did that.

“I enjoyed their sense of commitment to mission in the local community — their focus on justice, environmental issues, all of those things. I just really enjoyed being there.

“The morning tea afterwards was really like the experience of morning tea in a rural community — more than I’ve seen in suburban city communities — and there was a sense the congregation was celebrating people from assembly coming to be part of their life and to them that was important.”