12th Assembly 2009

Peace and the birth of prosperity in Tari

Moses Komengi is a Young Ambassador for Peace coordinator in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Part of the dedicated team led by Joy Balazo of UnitingWorld, Mr Komengi has been at the forefront of the peace-making program in Tari since its inception.

He brings to the 12th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia the happy news that the region is seeing real signs of progress. This follows the historic signing of the peace treaty between 32 warrior tribes last year.

They are more promising signs with Hela being declared it's own region  on the 14th of July and seperating from the Southern Highlands.

“This is happening because the people have peace. Churches are involved very heavily with the program which the government recognizes.

“We have been seeing great things,” he said, citing the prayers and valuable contributions of Australian Christians. “It was very timely for the Uniting Church to come in such a way.”

The church in Australia, he said, has been at the forefront of promoting peace in Papua New Guinea.

“I cannot express how I feel at this time. I’m so thankful to God and the work of the Uniting Church. This special ministry and mission is not a waste.”

Describing the 12th Assembly as “well organized” and “the highest level of meeting I have ever attended”, Mr Komengi expressed hope that the Uniting Church in Australia would continue to help bring peace to Papua New Guinea.

“The impact of the program has warmed many hearts of the people and many have requested we extend the program to other regions,” he said. “We didn’t think that would happen but the impact is sending a message. People now want peace in other provinces.”