12th Assembly 2009

Prayer flags fly for the Assembly

The production of vibrantly-coloured prayer flags kept Assembly members engaged and enthused during the Assembly agencies’ presentation on July 18.

The focus of the presentation was making connections between the various parts of the Assembly and the theme of the 12th Assembly: Living Water Thirsty Land.

In particular, Assembly members were invited to reflect on how the work of the Assembly’s agencies, working groups and committees connected with their own work in their congregations, presbyteries, synods and elsewhere.

Introducing the presentation, the Rev. Terence Corkin and Glenda Blakefield asked the members to connect their own experiences with those of Assembly staff.

Prayers were led by the national directors of UnitingWorld, Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry and Frontier Services. God was asked to “deluge with grace” the Assembly, the nation and the world.

Two short videos highlighted the experiences of each agency and demonstrated a cohesive national team; a team which carries out many vital functions of the Assembly.

The first video showcased the “God moments” that the national directors had experienced during the past triennium; the moments when they had found the “Living Water” among in Australia’s “Thirsty Land”.

The second video looked ahead to the coming triennium as the key challenges for the Assembly agencies and working groups were described.

Following the videos, Assembly members engaged in two activities. One involved using the Mission Prayer Handbook to share personal experiences of God as the Living Water and the many places where they found God in their work.

Prayer flags were utilised in the second activity, as members were asked to come to some consensus about what they thought the three key challenges for the Uniting Church would be in the new triennium.

Those challenges were then translated into prayers for the church, the Assembly, other councils and individuals. It transformed the room into a rainbow of colour as the flags were stuck to the walls.

They were to stay on the walls for the remainder of the meeting, providing a reminder that the connections between the various parts of the church run deep and are extremely important as it moves into the future.