12th Assembly 2009

Theology and Discipleship Q&A

1. A request that the National Working Group on Worship reflects in its membership and the resources it produces the diversity of worship styles used across the UCA.

The Worship Working Group is conscious of this need. At its most recent meeting, in May 2009, there was an order of the day when the minister of a large contemporary congregation came to share with the group. There are some changes in membership of the working group that respond to this question.

2.  Can you explore the creation of studies using contemporary media to better downstream the work of Theology and Discipleship for congregations.

Theology and Discipleship is aware of this and is responding.  There are now three websites with resources available on them: Theology and Discipleship, Worship Working Group, and the Doctrine Working Group. Some resources can be obtained in glossy hard copy such as Doc.bytes and pamphlets, but they can also be downloaded. The pamphlet How to Read the Bible – 12 simple guidelines can be obtained in hard copy or downloaded in several languages. A new Bible study on peace is being produced that will also have accompanying DVD and study materials.

Answers provided by Rev. Dr Chris Walker, National Consultant Theology and Discipleship.