12th Assembly 2009

Christian Education Q&A

1. Why a national Christian Education agency? Can’t the work be better done at Synods level? This agency does not have the resources to work nationally effectively.

Assembly Christian Education (CE) provides national connections and opportunities for the development of life-long learning and discipleship. Let me respond to the parts of this question in an integrated way through the following points:

  • Assembly CE works differently from Synods and Presbyteries, but also offers leadership amongst them in the educational sphere – in ways described by our Operational Guidelines and website resources, as part of Uniting Faith and Discipleship staff team.
  • Our National Reference Committee and connected networks reflect the dimensions of this role.
  • We need to recognise Assembly CE as an integral part of the Assembly staff team: We resource each other, bringing our unique value-adding dimension to the national work of the UCA.
  • Assembly CE, therefore, is not required to resource the Church comprehensively: the resources are sufficient, if you recognise this.
  • Relationship building by Assembly CE (with Synods, with religious education and interfaith education bodies and diverse education networks) is demonstrating value in having this role as part of the Assembly.


2. Having done research on Elders and come up with a diverse response, do they want to bring recommendations to address the perceived issues?

The Elders and Church Councils research results are available for all enquirers by contacting Mark Hillis: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In particular, the results have been shared into the ongoing life and work of the National Lay and Leadership Education Network (a network convened by Assembly CE). The research, therefore, has been informing the work that Synods are doing through offering education and resources for Elders and Church Councillors. Polity issues raised by the research are being handled through the appropriate channels and appear as a proposal at this 12th Assembly meeting. 

Answers provided by Rev. Mark Hillis, National Director Christian Education.